Scooter j. Construction is a residential design and build company based in Nashville, Tennessee. We love to build great places and it doesn't matter to us if it's a renovation of your existing space, an addition to your home or a new construction project from the ground up. We will provide you with a well-designed and quality built project that you will be proud of. Scooter j. Construction is your partner in your project through the design process, monitoring the budget, managing the project construction and we will make sure the home is functioning properly in the years that follow.

In 1997, Scooter j. Construction opened for business in Nashville, Tennessee. Scott Johnson had recently completed his degree in Architecture and Construction Management from Andrews University in Michigan. Well equipped with a rusted out Toyota pickup truck, a couple of hand tools and a lot of energy, he became the company's best and only employee. A few daring clients entrusted him with their projects giving opportunity to build and remodel in Nashville. Several decades later, the company is still going strong, but still operates as a relatively small company that focuses on the needs of its individual clients. We are proud of every project we've built thus far and we'll be proud to build yours too.

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